5 Pieces Of Golf Attire To Avoid On A Golf Course

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The dress attire of golfers has changed over the years.  Knickers are no longer “in style,” even though I would rock them every day if I had the chance.  But regardless of your style, the clothing players wear on the course has always been very important in the game of golf.  Some (or most for that matter)  clubs have a strict dress code, and won’t even allow you on the premises if you are lacking the proper attire.

Wearing stylish clothes on the course also makes you feel comfortable and more confident in your game. So what kind of attire should you avoid for your round? here are a few items of clothing that you should always avoid when you head out to the links.



  • Flip Flops
    • You should always be wearing closed-toed shoes while on a golf course, regardless if they are actual golf shoes or a pair of nice looking running shoes. Walking long distances with flip flops are just not what they were made for.
  • Collarless shirt
    • This is a general rule of attire for whatever golf course you are playing. Every other shirt is too casual to wear on the golf course, like t-shirts.  This also makes you look classier, too!
  • Denim anything
    • Wearing jeans on the course is a definite no-no for almost every course. While you are playing golf, you should look sophisticated, and jeans are, just like t-shirts, too casual of attire.  Also, try moving around in jeans, they don’t have much mobility, and you don’t want your swing to be inhibited by something like jeans.
  • Oversized or “Baggy” clothing
    • Your garb while playing the game of golf should be more form-fitting than not. and just like jeans, baggy clothing will not allow you swing freely, and may harm your game.
  • An Un-tucked shirt
    • If you do not have a tucked shirt on the golf course, this sets off a more casual vibe, and may be inappropriate for most course. Remember that well fitting pants and a belt also complete the sophisticated golfing look.


Believe it or not, a lot of golfers make some of these mistakes when they head out for a round, don’t be one of them!


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