Holiday Weekend Weddings

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding

Are you thinking about celebrating your marriage during a holiday weekend? Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we host many holiday events. Usually they are the first to go because the extra day gives guests an extra day to travel or celebrate and recover! These dates are also popular because some companies are closed on holidays which allows your guests…

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Top Wedding Tips to Help You Get Started

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding

You’re engaged! Congrats! You are calling all your family and friends and telling them the good news! They start asking questions like; when is the big day? Did you find your venue yet? Do you have a theme? Whoa, we get it. You just got engaged and you are already bombarded with questions. It seems like you haven’t had time…

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Golf is a Sport That Lasts a Lifetime

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Golf

Growing up, you begin to dabble in different kinds of sports. When first getting started, you may not be sure where your interests lie so you may try soccer, then join basketball the basketball team and then play football by high school. Although these are all great sports, golf is one of the only sports you are able to play…

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Wedding Favors: To have or not have them.

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding Favor

Have you ever been to a wedding and forgotten to bring home your favor? You are not alone! Although these small gifts are meant to be an appreciation gesture from your bride and groom, most of the time they are forgotten or thrown out. We put together our top 5 favorite wedding favors ideas we know your guests will love…

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Cocktails and Friends

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Parties & Events,Wedding

Tis the season for sitting outside and drinking cocktails. With the warmer weather finally starting to break through, there is nothing better than enjoying a cocktail while enjoying good company. We have awesome new additions here at Penn Oaks Golf Club for our members to try. We also have ideas for our wedding couples who are stuck on how to…

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