Welcome to the 2018 Season!

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From all of us here at Penn Oaks Golf Club in West Chester, PA, Welcome to the 2018 Season! The weather was perfect opening weekend and the golf course was full of players! It has been a snowy winter but we are ready to go! The flowers are starting to open and the Japanese Cherry Tree is almost in full…

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Décor for The Autumn and Winter Wedding

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  As the hot summer months begin to fade and the fall season brings in cooler weather and a change of scenery, it is also time to change your thoughts on how to properly decorate your wedding, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.  Summer months bring bright colors like orange, pink and blues when the fall season has their own set of colors…colors…

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The Band Vs. DJ Dilemma

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One of the main attractions at a wedding is the music.  The music at your wedding, in my honest opinion, can make or break the day.  If you don’t have good music at your reception, your guests will not have as fun as they would like, so choosing the right band or DJ is critical in your process.  But how…

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5 Pieces Of Golf Attire To Avoid On A Golf Course

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  The dress attire of golfers has changed over the years.  Knickers are no longer “in style,” even though I would rock them every day if I had the chance.  But regardless of your style, the clothing players wear on the course has always been very important in the game of golf.  Some (or most for that matter)  clubs have…

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What To Look Forward To After The Wedding

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  So, the wedding is over.  One year, if not more, of that planning has come down to one day, and  that day went off without a hitch.  For five or six hours, you celebrated your nuptials, but after food, drink and good times, the wedding over just as quick as it began.  After the big day is over, what happens next? …

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