Wedding Favors: To have or not have them.

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding Favor

Have you ever been to a wedding and forgotten to bring home your favor? You are not alone! Although these small gifts are meant to be an appreciation gesture from your bride and groom, most of the time they are forgotten or thrown out. We put together our top 5 favorite wedding favors ideas we know your guests will love…

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7 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Guests

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding Favor,Wedding Trends,Wedding Venue

Your big day is nothing without a gift for your guests, right? Some couples like to give away a luxurious wedding favor for attending their special day, but some tend to think “the simpler, the better.” How about a themed wedding favor to go with your event? Does your budget allow it? What way will you sway? Penn Oaks Golf Club is…

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