The Band Vs. DJ Dilemma

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding,Wedding Music,Wedding Trends,Wedding Venue

One of the main attractions at a wedding is the music.  The music at your wedding, in my honest opinion, can make or break the day.  If you don’t have good music at your reception, your guests will not have as fun as they would like, so choosing the right band or DJ is critical in your process.  But how…

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What To Look Forward To After The Wedding

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding,Wedding Trends,Wedding Venue

  So, the wedding is over.  One year, if not more, of that planning has come down to one day, and  that day went off without a hitch.  For five or six hours, you celebrated your nuptials, but after food, drink and good times, the wedding over just as quick as it began.  After the big day is over, what happens next? …

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9 Fun Wedding Themes To Choose From

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding Trends,Wedding Venue

Many couples have the same tastes as their counterparts, but what happens when their visions of the wedding day are different than the traditional?  This day and age, there are many “Wedding Themes” that people are coming up with to make this memorable day stick out from “all the other weddings.”   I did a little research and made a list…

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7 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Guests

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Wedding Favor,Wedding Trends,Wedding Venue

Your big day is nothing without a gift for your guests, right? Some couples like to give away a luxurious wedding favor for attending their special day, but some tend to think “the simpler, the better.” How about a themed wedding favor to go with your event? Does your budget allow it? What way will you sway? Penn Oaks Golf Club is…

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Tips for Your Father of the Bride Speech

By Penn Oaks Golf Club |Parties & Events,Wedding Trends,Wedding Venue

FATHER OF THE BRIDE SPEECH IDEAS Tips for Your Father of the Bride Speech can be nerve-racking. Walking your daughter down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband. As you give your daughter away, she starts her new life with a new man. You can express your gratitude and pride during your speech at the wedding reception. As you see in…

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