Engagement Season Has Begun

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With the holiday’s right around the corner, your timelines may be blowing up with lots ofengagements. That is because the holidays are the most popular time to get engaged! Surrounded by family and friends, what a perfect way to say yes!

With all the excitement, be sure to remember that it is okay to not start planning right away. Enjoy the moment of getting engaged, spend time with your love ones and once all the excitement dies down, begin planning your special day! Before you dive right in to wedding planning here are some “To-Do’s” for right after you get engaged J

Call your family and friends to share the good news! Most likely, they have an idea that the ring is coming but you don’t want them to find out on social media before you tell them.

It’s your turn to post the ring selfie! Now that your family and close friends know that you have a ring on a very important finger, it is time you and your newly fiancé post “The Ring Selfie.” Show off your new blingon Instagram for the world to see!

Speaking of ring selfie, treat yourself to a manicure! Your hands are going to be in the spotlight, so you might as well treat yourself to a manicure!

Does your ring fit? Make sure you also have your ring sized. You don’t want it to slip off! Maybe consider getting your ring insured as well. You never know what could happen and it is always good to have a backup plan. Especially when a lot of money went into it.

Most importantly,Enjoy being engaged. Everyone will start asking the questions “Do you have a venue?” “When is the wedding?” but do not worry, you have plenty of time to figure those details out. Take some time to enjoy being engaged. Remember, this is about the two of you committing yourselves to the rest of your life!

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