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Looking to be more successful on the golf course? When playing golf, there are various forms of skills that are required. From strength control, to the use of different clubs, the precision behind golf is so involved that it is hard sometimes to navigate what kind of fitness tips are best for golfers. Fitness is actually a key component to being successful. Below are some tips to keep you in shape and to avoid injury while playing golf:


Part 1: Functional Training

The purpose behind functional training is to build more muscle. Establishing stability is important before hitting the ball. That involves your leg muscles. When it comes time to hit the ball, your upper body is being used. Starting with something as simple as using a medicine ball (3-8lbs) by doing rotational lunges. While doing the rotational lunges, rotating your shoulders will establish better form and work those muscles.


Part 2: Cardio Training

Even if you are only playing 9 holes, golf is a sport that normally takes up a couple hours. With that being said, building endurance, heart rate, etc. is essential during the game. Poor endurance can affect your swing, competitiveness, etc. Simple tips to be able to last the whole 18 holes without losing your stamina is jogging, swimming, and cycling 2-3 times a week.


Part 3: Weight Training

Every hole on the course is different. With that being said, every golfer wants to have enough strength to get a good score. Being able to hit a ball over a long distance will put a golfer more in a clear for a better score. Golfers do not to do intensive weight workouts in order to build the appropriate strength. Bicep curls and tricep pushdowns.  


Part 4: Flexibility Training

This type of training is similar to stretching but flexibility training gives you the ability to have permanent flexibility. Stretching usually refers to warming up the body, with flexibility it allows your body to become comfortable in your own form. A golfer should never been stiff, but more flowing during their swing and follow through. A very easy way to practice flexibility training is practicing swinging your club without a ball present. Your muscles will stretch better and form a smoother swing.

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