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Let’s admit it and say that this golf season has been a wet one however we did have some really nice days! As the weather begins to change and the golf season comes to a close, you may be thinking, “Just because it is colder doesn’t mean I want to stop playing golf!” Lucky for you, our Pro, Jesse Hallet, gave us a few ideas for you to prepare for next Golf Season!

First, it’s always a good idea to look back over your rounds played, whether you have taken notes or based on memory. Go through some of your best and worst rounds of the season. You want to assess the areas you excelled in and also, the areas you need some improvement. Begin making a lesson plan for yourself for the beginning of the next golf season. Speak to the golf pros and set up lessons so you can work through the kinks. If you can find an indoor facility with golf simulators, you can continueworking on your golf game, no matter the season!

If you don’t want to use golf simulators, you can work on your swing in your basement. Maybe install a hitting net so you can hit short shots indoors. You can also work on your putting anywhere in your house. Putting mats are inexpensive and easy to find. Working on your putting stroke will save you a lot of strokes once the new golf season begins. Working on putting is one of the most important things during the off season.

Lastly, do your research on some physical training, such as weight training and stretching. Working on your golf swing by increasing your flexibility and physical strength will be important to getting better for next season.

Just because golf season is coming to a close does not mean you do not have to come up to the club and visit! Our dining is open year round and our Pros would love to see a familiar face!

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