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Welcome to summer! Where the temperature gets higher and the humidity just keeps rising. Although it is hot out, don’t let the summer heat keep you from playing the sport you enjoy so much!  Before your round of golf, make sure you check the weather so you can be prepared! Even the pros want you to play smart, so below are some summer golf play tips that can keep you safe and enjoying the game!

If possible, set up your tee time first thing in the morning. It may already be warm out at 7am, but the temperature will only keep rising as the day continues. The hottest part of the day is between 11am and 2pm. If you get out early enough, you can get most of your play in before the heat starts to take a toll on you.

We know that everyone says this, but it is super important to stay hydrated. Always make sure you have a water container with you, and that you are constantly refilling it. In the summer, you are likely to sweat more, and if you aren’t putting water back into your body, you could become dehydrated. We have multiple refilling stations around the course to make sure you stay hydrated while playing.

Bring a towel with you on the course. Is the sweat dripping down your face and distracting you? It’s good to have a towel with you so you can keep your face dry and cool. Put some ice in the towel before you tee off so it melts by the time you need it.

Wearing the proper attire is key to staying cool. Stick to wearing lighter colors, like whites or pastels. You also want to wear clothing that is loose so your skin can breathe. Hats or visors are great to wear on the course so you are protecting your face from the sun. Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen! You may not be on a beach, but you are out in the sun for 4 to 5 hours with little shade. Make sure you protect your skin from the UV rays.

Playing golf in the summer time should be just as enjoyable as it is during the spring and fall moths. As long as you follow these tips, the weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a nice round of golf!

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