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Penn Oaks is lucky enough to have 3 of the best Golf Professionals in the United States! Harry Hammond is a recipient of the Labron Harris Sr. Award. This award is presented to the PGA Professional and Coach who supports and represents the highest qualities the game of Golf has to offer through teaching, coaching and community involvement. Jesse Hallet and Tom Koenig are two of the U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Teachers in the Country. Below are the pro’s best golf tips to help you with the game!

Harry’s Golf Tip

Keep in mind that “Your Grip is your friend.” Your grip actually plays a key role in which direction your shot will go. When you place your hands naturally on the club, you produce straight shots. A weak grip produces Slice’s and a strong grip produces Hooks. If you Slice or Hook your shots, change your grip. It makes all the difference!

Jesse’s Golf Tip

Of all the swing flaws I see in teaching my lessons, the most common and also the most crucial flaw in the golf swing begins from poor posture.  The proper posture in the golf swing changes the swing path and helps cure poor contact.  Not only is setting up in the proper posture important but staying in that posture throughout the swing is the key to keeping the golf ball on target.  Maintain your posture through contact and start hitting the ball straighter and longer.  If you are topping the ball, feel as though your right shoulder passes your chin on the follow-through before lifting your head.  If you are hitting the turf before the ball (or hitting fat shots) you are most likely dropping down out of posture.  Keep your chin up during the downswing.  Correct your posture before trying to change all of your swing thoughts; it will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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Tom’s Golf Tip

It is very important to be fit properly for your irons or any club in your bag.  One of the services that we offer to the membership is checking the lie angle of your irons and bending them if need be.  Let’s say you have a 180 yard shot to the green and you hit a 5 iron.  During this swing you happen to come into impact with the toe of the club up and the heel hitting the turf.  This will cause an unnecessary miss to the left.  If you were properly fit, the sole of the club will contact the ground evenly and the shot will be straight.  So with that being said, it is very important to make sure you are fit properly for both length and lie.  Come stop in the golf shop and talk to the staff about being fit properly for every club in your bag and start playing better golf.

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