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Attention 2019 couples! A New Year means… new wedding trends! At the end of 2018, we noticed that our 2019 couples had a different outlook, or vision, for their wedding than our 2018 couples.Now, not every wedding is the same because all of our couples are unique but based on our couple’s visions we predict these will be the top 3 wedding trends for 2019!

  1. Bringing the Outside In
    -The Royal Wedding definitely plays a major role in this 2019 trend. Classic yet simple flowers will fill reception spaces leaving you wondering if you are actually inside. The nice thing about this trend is that couples love the outdoors, but sometimes Mother Nature has different plans. Bringing the Outside In is a great trend that will give you the same look, without having to worry about the elements.In the past, couples have brought in trees and plants that filled the tent and ballroom making you feel like you are actually outside.
  1. Translucent Details
    – The year of translucent details. From your chair, to your plate, or even charges, translucent details give your wedding a more clean and unique look. The clear compliments and makes your accent colors and centerpieces pop!
  1. Food as Decor
    – This year we may see a lot of couple’s food stations be part of their theme/décor! Food is what brings people together, and why not display that same feeling during your wedding!? Presentations will change during cocktail hour, leaving your guests in awe of how food could be beautiful than it already is. Edible Displays will also be huge in 2019. Who doesn’t love a tower of cookies? 2019 is also the year of donuts! Everyone’s dreams turn into reality when you spot that massive donut wall with an abundance of flavors!

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