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Don’t Forget About Me!

You come home from a long day of work and who greats you at the door? Your fur baby! In recent years, couples have incorporated their pets in their special day, and why wouldn’t they?! They are part of the family too! Here at Penn Oaks we are pet friendly! We know how much your 4 legged friend means to you, and if you want them part of your wedding day, we want them there too! We came up with a couple of different ways for you to incorporate you pet on your wedding day.

  1. Running Down The Aisle –As we are Pet Friendly that means your best friend can walk, or run, down the aisle! We suggest you bring a leash and have your Maid of Honor and Best Man escort your pet down the aisle and then hand them off to a pet sitter or someone who will bring your pal back to the pet friendly hotel. We suggest you appoint someone you trust of “pet duties.” This way you can enjoy your special day, and know your bestie is comfortable at the ceremony and back at the hotel afterwards.
  2. In The Details – If you feel that having your pet at the wedding might be a little stressful, incorporate your best friend into your engagement pictures or decorations! Name your signature drink after them and then stage them next to a cocktail for a fun personal twist! Even add them to your cake topper! It will feel like they are there, without actually being there.
  3. Favors – This is a great way to dedicate all the friends at home who couldn’t make it! Make a little gift basket with dog treats, cat nip or something that your furry friend likes for your guests to bring home for their best friend! Accompany the baskets with a family photo and a sign that reads “For all the friends we had to leave at home.”

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