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You wake up and it’s, WEDDING DAY! All this prep and planning and your wedding is finally here! As the nerves are starting to sink in, and the “are you ready” questions begin flooding in. You start thinking… “Am I actually ready?” or “Did I forget anything?” No worries! We have you covered. Check out the check list to make sure you have crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s for the best day ever!

Assign A Contact To Each Vendor
– On your wedding day, you want to be sure all your vendors are taken care of. After you have confirmed details with them, introduce them to a contact, or a point person for the day of the wedding. Instead of calling you (because most likely you will not have your phone on you), your vendors call your contact with any questions they may have.

Pack A Bag
– Heading to your honeymoon or staying at a hotel the night of the wedding? Make sure you pack your bag ahead of time. If your hotel lets you, drop it off early as well! If you cannot check into the hotel early, give it to a friend or family member who has a car so they can hold onto it for you until you are able to check into the hotel. Your luggage is the last thing you should be thinking about after a day of partying.

Make A Wedding Day Itinerary
– There are so many moving pieces during the day, its hard to keep up with the times and where everyone needs to be. Our best advice is making a wedding day itinerary to give to your bridal party and family members. This lets them know ahead of time, where they need to be, what they will be doing and at what time. It keeps everyone on track and also gives you ease of mind so you do not have to worry about running late.

Create A Wedding Day Emergency Kit
– Most likely your planner will have one of these, but just in case, never assume. Below are the items to include in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit
            – scissors
            – sewing kit
            – dress tape
            – safety pins
            – hair spray
            – tums/ medication
            – band aids
            – toiletries
            – lint roller
            – static guard

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