Wedding Favors: To have or not have them.

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Have you ever been to a wedding and forgotten to bring home your favor? You are not alone! Although these small gifts are meant to be an appreciation gesture from your bride and groom, most of the time they are forgotten or thrown out. We put together our top 5 favorite wedding favors ideas we know your guests will love and take with them!

  1. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love getting a box of chocolates! Pick two or three different kinds of chocolates and you can put them in a tiny box for your guests to take home. You can even personalize the box with your initials and wedding date!

  1. Jam

Jam is a great way to “Spread the Love!” You can even find a variety of flavors so your guests can choose their favorite. Jam is a great favor because your guests get to use this gift more than once!

  1. Coffee

Another great gift your guests can use more than once is Coffee! This is also a great favor if you and your new hubby or wifey are big coffee drinkers because it adds a great personal touch! You can thank them for “bean” here. You can always add personal phrases like “Brewing since 2018!”

  1. Bubbly or Wine

What better way to send your guests home than with a bottle of your favorite bubbly or wine! Your guests will continue the celebration and have a toast for you even after the wedding!

  1. End of Night Stations

An alternative for a favor could be an end of night station. Here at Penn Oaks you can do a dessert station, and just purchase cake/candy bags. Your guests can bring home these bite size treats! We also offer Philadelphia Soft Pretzels, Hoagies and Water or a Mini Cheesesteak Station! These are great options because after drinking, your guests get the munchies, and they can take it home with them.

Which favor is your favorite?

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