Stationed Entrée Wedding



Perhaps you’re planning a smaller, more intimate wedding. In that case, our stationed entrée wedding is a great fit for personalized attention and tasteful amenities.

One of the focal points of your reception is the menu; therefore we have carefully selected some of the most popular dining options for you to offer your guests. Our first rate chef has gone the extra mile to create a mouthwatering array of entrees that appeal to the most discriminant guests alike, while sweetening up their palates with exciting dessert options. Speaking of sweetness, you will find our stationed entrée package to be very sweet on your wedding budget, too, all while getting the royal treatment that every bride and groom deserves.

Stationed Entree Package

No matter what size your wedding party, we make sure you get the very best service while you are here. You will be delighted that you have chosen to celebrate your memorable wedding day at Penn Oaks Golf Club!

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