What’s On Your Plate?

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05-17-2018 Steak

The details for your wedding are starting to come together. Your wedding party’s dresses and tux’s ordered and ready to go, your vision is starting to fall into place and now it’s time to send out invitations. You start to look over the menu and are unsure on where to begin. At Penn Oaks, our Chef has created each entrée with you in mind. There are plenty of options to choose from, and something for everyone!

Chef Matthew recommends keeping the time of year in mind when choosing your menu. If your wedding is in the Spring or Summer months, offer your guests mostly cold hors d’ oeuvres. How often would you like to eat hot entrees in the summertime, probably not too many. He also recommends sticking with lighter entrees, like chicken and fish. If it is hot out, your guests won’t feel as full, which means they will not feel sluggish and ultimately means they will be on the dancefloor partying the night away!

If your wedding is in the Fall or Winter months, offer your guests the complete opposite! Entrees like Duck or Beef are great as they are a little heavier than chicken and fish. You also want to offer mostly hot hors d’ oeuvres. As corny as it sounds, you want your guests to feel warm and cozy. When they are comfortable and full, they will be ready to celebrate with you on the dance floor!

If you have a theme for your wedding, make sure your food matches your theme! This is a little detail that goes a long way! For example, maybe your wedding is in the fall and you have pumpkins in your centerpieces. Consider a pumpkin bisque or pumpkin pie. Your guests will feel truly immersed in your theme!

Did you know?! Penn Oak’s Chef is growing his own Herb Garden?! He is currently growing Basil, Mint, Lemon Grass and Cilantro just to name a few. He uses all the herbs he grows in all your entrees. From the garden to your plate, do you know what’s on your plate?

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